English language learning in Maygasse 25 (Expositur)

In the ‘Expositur’ of HLMW9, our English lessons are diverse, multilingual and not at all ordinary.

As pupils who are either deaf or hard-of-hearing, we learn English in very individualised ways. While some of us enjoy interaction tasks in which we can practise our oral communication skills, most of our deaf classmates focus on writing and reading exercises.

3 HMB in Brighton

Our class travelled to Brighton/Hove on 27th September to improve our English, learn more about Britain and, of course, to go shopping in London. We spent eight marvellous days there with our English teacher Prof. Kara and Prof. Wolf.

The flight to London was pretty exhausting because we had to fly via Barcelona and therefore arrived rather late in Brighton.

Albrecht Dürer at the Albertina

Last Tuesday, November the 19th, 2019 I accompanied the 4HKB with their teachers to the Albertina, one of the greatest arts museums in Vienna.

The Albrecht Dürer exhibit at the Albertina shows a vast quantity and variety of the works of Dürer spanning over his whole lifetime. It even featured a self-portrait of himself at age 13. The tour guide was very engaging and helped the students to analyse the paintings in a way which stretched their minds.

New English Assistant

Hi! My name is Madeline Dyson and I’m the new English language assistant in the school. I study Modern and Medieval languages at the University of Cambridge specialising in German and Russian. I’m very excited to be in Vienna and to explore Austrian culture.

Vienna Fashion Week 2019

Street style fashion – a revival inspired by the 80ies in NY. Chilled, relaxed outfits, presented by cool kids, who rebel against the main street fashion.