What a Library!

On the 26th November 2016 the fashion school class 1FMA travelled into the 17th century together with their teachers Ms Stumpf and Ms Dallinger. What they found out there, was fascinating for both students and teachers.

The Malta Experience

Usually Malta is connected with sunshine and beautiful weather but this time it was different. So we took advantage of the rainy days by concentrating on our projects, which we had already started back in Vienna.

Upcycling – a creative way to handle decreasing resources

At the beginning of May we, the students of 2FHH, gave a presentation about our project entitled ‘Upcycling’ at ‘Verein BAOBAB Globales Lernen’, which had ordered this project. For the first time we had the opportunity to show our informative short videos about ‘consumption of resources’ also to a hearing audience.

Getting to know fellow students

On 13th Sept 2016 we, the students of 1FHH, met the students of 1FKA in Michelbeuerngasse, and went by public means of transport to a climbing hall in Wolkersdorf, Lower Austria.

Houses made of tea, old halls, teapot spouts, and a lotus blossom made of life jackets

On the occasion of ‘Langer Tag der Flucht’ (September 30th), 3 classes of Expositur went to see an exhibition of the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei in the garden of Belvedere Palace and 21erHaus.