Happy Birthday, Maria Theresia!

On the 15th March 2017 the first form of the add-on-course of fashion visited the exhibition Maria Theresia in the famous Augustian reading room of the Austrian National Library.


CARITAS Issue: POVERTY ‚Campaign KILO 2016/17‘

We, the students of 1FHH, want to engage in social work.
This is why our form teacher, Ms Neuhofer, gathered some information for us, and we participated in the ‘Campaign kilo against poverty’.

The Expositur visited the ‚Haus der Gehörlosen‘

On December 22nd 2016 all classes of the Expositur of HLMW9 went to see the ‘Haus der Gehörlosen’ which houses five institutions: the ‘Österreichische Gehörlosenbund’, ‘ÖGS.Barrierefrei’, the TV programme ‘Gebärdenwelt.tv’, the ‘Relayservice’ and finally

“The Miracle Worker”

When we, the two classes 3 AEH and 3 FHH, Ms Neuhofer and Ms Meissnitzer, watched "The Miracle Worker" at the "Theater im Zentrum" on the 24th November 2016, it was something new - a premiere - for many of our students. It was also the first time that the theatre had presented a play, which was accessible to people who are deaf, by projecting the lines being spoken on the stage onto a screen.

Eco Day

After doing some project work about a ‘green lifestyle’ in the English lessons, the students of 2AMB and our English teacher Mrs Felbek went on an excursion to find out more about the "green" side of Vienna. Partly because "ecotourism" is one of our