e-learning at HLMW9

The term “e-learning“ is used to describe independent studying with the help of various media. The application of this concept enables the students at HLMW9 to study according to their personal style and pace of work.

This means the teachers structure the teaching sequences by directed application of e-learning phases, so that the lessons consist of a combination of teaching and independent e-learning phases. This approach – also known as “blended learning” – is one of the basic teaching principles at HLMW9.

The school makes use of the “Moodle” platform which makes it easy to form study groups and allows teamwork as well as offering uncomplicated contact with teachers also outside regular lessons. So access to teaching content is independent from time or area, the contents can be changed, linked or updated as desired.

Using MS Office, the Internet – in general as a tool for research, communication and study – as well as using the school’s Moodle platform, has become routine for our students. Regular training of our teaching staff guarantees modern teaching methods and effective educational content.

e-learning cluster – quality seal

The e-learning cluster is a network of Austrian schools of every type. The cooperation in the e-learning field is ensued by regular exchange of experiences and know-how, shared development of educational content and projects as well as periodical mutual evaluation.

The HLMW9 Michelbeuern is by now one of the leading schools in this field and has been awarded the e-learning quality seal by the Ministry of Education and Art.

Notebook classes, iPad class and PC rooms

Computer lessons start in first grade, for this purpose the HLMW9 is equipped with five fully fitted computer rooms. The students are also offered the opportunity to obtain additional qualifications and certificates (e.g. ECDL and ECDL advanced).

To meet our students’ future professional requirements in the field of new technologies, the HLMW9 established laptop classes as early as in 2002. These are offered from second grade (department of economic professions) and from third grade (department of fashion and design) onwards. In 2011 also an iPad class was implemented.

To guarantee unlimited use of the new media the complete school has been equipped with Wi-Fi.