Albrecht Dürer at the Albertina

Last Tuesday, November the 19th, 2019 I accompanied the 4HKB with their teachers to the Albertina, one of the greatest arts museums in Vienna.

The Albrecht Dürer exhibit at the Albertina shows a vast quantity and variety of the works of Dürer spanning over his whole lifetime. It even featured a self-portrait of himself at age 13. The tour guide was very engaging and helped the students to analyse the paintings in a way which stretched their minds. He made the observation that most of Dürer’s depictions of nature had no shadows, however his depiction of a rabbit did. He drew our attention to such small yet seemingly significant detail. He also demonstrated the way in which Dürer would have created certain pieces of artwork. For example, the wood prints required one to carve your picture backwards into the wood and then imprint it on paper.  Apparently Dürer was also a businessman and sold much of his work, so this method allowed him to produce a higher quantity of artwork at a much faster rate.

Overall this trip was very enlightening and demonstrated the great breadth of artwork produced by such a famous German painter. I’m sure it must have sparked all of the students’ interest in early artwork and made the past briefly come alive.

Madeline Dyson, language assistant

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