‘AMS – Berufslexikon goes ÖGS’

Last school year we, the students of 3FHH of the Expositur, worked on a project for the subject Austrian Sign Language. ‘AMS - Berufslexikon goes ÖGS’ - the title shows the project’s concept:

One part of our class had to search and sum up different kind of jobs on the website of the AMS, while the students who are native speakers had to film themselves when translating the descriptions into Austrian Sign Language.

We picked 15 job descriptions and made them fully accessible to deaf and hearing-impaired people by translating them into their native language. In this way deaf youngsters, for example, can inform themselves about their professional perspectives and find the job that suits them best.

With our project we also want to make hearing people more familiar with the culture of the deaf and with sign language and thus promote a better mutual understanding of both cultures.

On 29th September 2017 we held a presentation about our project at the AMS, which was a great success.

We are now planning to put the videos on the homepages of Equalizent (an educational institution for deaf people), the job info centre BIZ, and the AMS to make the information available for deaf and hearing-impaired adolescents.

Kathy Ebenauer, 3FHH

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