Dear Santa

In the last ‘Business Management’ lesson before the Christmas holidays we, the 4HMB, were set the task by Santa Claus to answer a complaint by Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer:

 Union of Reindeer Headquarters,

25, Antler Row,

Stapleford, Northpole                                                                         24th December, 2017


Dear Santa,

I’m writing to you on behalf of my union members. My fellow workers have been complaining bitterly about our working conditions. We are demanding overtime pay for the night of the 25th.

For too long my members and I have been expected to work very long hours on this night for no extra oats.

So what’s it to be, Santa? If our demands are not met, we will be forced to go on strike. And, don’t think you can threaten u with being turned into venison like you did last year.

Yours sincerely,

Rudolph Stagg (Branch Secretary)


Dearest Rudolph,

 I feel very sad reading about your worries. I have had so much work to be done in the last few weeks and all this stress gets me into a bad mood…I just feel swamped getting all these presents without any help.

 I believe that the best option might be that we talk about this situation personally and find a solution, because after all, I would be nobody without my loyal team on this important day.

Yours sincerely,

Santa (Antonia Voloshyn)


Dear Rudolph,

I’m very sorry that you and your fellow workers are starving because of working one day a year…I will ask my elves to give you more oats for these very long working hours. I hope, you will be satisfied.

 Yours, Santa (Lara Nedeltchev)


Dear Mr. Stagg,

Like all the other years before I got your complaint. I must say I’m disappointed by your behavior. Do you and your members really want to be the reason why the kids won’t get their presents?

If you and your union members don’t work this year, I will use my new electronic sleigh, which I got on my birthday.

Yours, Santa (Lisa Markowski, Sandra Reisner)



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