Eco Day

After doing some project work about a ‘green lifestyle’ in the English lessons, the students of 2AMB and our English teacher Mrs Felbek went on an excursion to find out more about the "green" side of Vienna. Partly because "ecotourism" is one of our topics for the ‘Matura’, but also because the topic is definitely becoming more and more important in our lives.

First of all, we decided to use public transport to get to the first location, which is obviously an environmentally friendly way.
When we arrived at the "Grüne Erde" shop, a lovely woman welcomed us and guided us to the first room of our tour through the shop.
After a detailed presentation about their shop philosophy and the products available, which was given by a lady with great English skills, we made our way to the ‘organic farmer’s market’ in the first district.
It was a lovely organic market with a few stalls from different local sellers.
The variety was huge, from fresh, local vegetables to meat and home-made cheese.
However, there were also a few small stalls which offered warm snacks and juices, like roast potatoes and freshly made apple Juice.
After exploring the whole market, a few people bought something to eat and to conclude the trip we enjoyed the out-coming sun on the benches.
On our way to the underground, we discovered an organic ‘popcorn’ shop where we tasted all kinds of flavors of popcorn. This was an awesome experience since we had never eaten cinnamon- or chocolate-flavored popcorn before.
All in all, it was very interesting to find out that Vienna offers a lot of possibilities to ‘live green’.

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