English language learning in Maygasse 25 (Expositur)

In the ‘Expositur’ of HLMW9, our English lessons are diverse, multilingual and not at all ordinary.

As pupils who are either deaf or hard-of-hearing, we learn English in very individualised ways. While some of us enjoy interaction tasks in which we can practise our oral communication skills, most of our deaf classmates focus on writing and reading exercises. These different approaches make us experiment with various forms of communication. To discuss current affairs and new topics, for example, we have created an online chatroom, in which we exchange our thoughts in written English. Besides English, however, our teacher also uses Austrian Sign Language to explain new grammar structures or more complex topics. This is really great, because it makes English accessible to all of us!

To give you an insight into our English classroom, have a look at the photos we took in our grammar session this week.

Insights into our English lesson: S – P – O word order exercises & functions of speech (Montessori adaptation)

In the session shown above, we revised the functions of words and typical word order structures in English. In the photograph on the right-hand side, you can see a matching exercise in which we identified nouns, pronouns, verbs and other parts of speech in sentences.

1AWH (Andreea, Eva, Patrick, Danijel, Isabella) & Mag. Lena Kralicek

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