Fashion Show

Bauhaus style 2014 realised in the historical setting of Vienna’s WUK – a symbiosis of old and new, of tradition and revolution. On 8th April the school’s future young designers proved once again that school can also be different: Fashion is complex, multifaceted and trend-setting.

This includes the gender idea as well, which was transformed into fashion in an awarded school project and which introduced the show followed by collections dominated by the precise and plain shapes of the Bauhaus style, which let this era shine in a new light. The many honoured guests were highly enthusiastic about the ideas and the models. The school’s new headmaster Mr Johannes Töglhofer, who had been inspired by the motto of the evening and presented himself in a stylish outfit, welcomed among others the president of the Vienna Board of Education Ms Susannne Brandsteidl, the manager of the famous Viennese coffeehouse Weimar Mr Maximilian Platzer, who was accompanied by charming Ms Birgit Sarata, as well as the head of district administration Ms Martina Malyar.

The economic department had already culinarily impressed the guests with a themed buffet of inventive niblets, which reflected the evening’s topic of clarity and simplicity and were served before the show. This event was an artistic synthesis and an exceptional production which both let us hope for more HLMW9 highlights.

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