"Hello, hello!"

My name is Megan Hull, and I am excited to be the new English Teaching Assistant here at HLMW9 Michelbeuern for this school year. A little bit about myself: I am American. I was born in Michigan, but my family and I moved to Georgia when I was a child. German language has always been a part of life. The high school that my two older brothers and I attended has a fantastic German program. My family has hosted five different German exchange students, and my oldest brother Nick and I both spent summers in the Harz Mountains in Germany, where we lived with host families. My host-sister Lucy and I are still very close, so close that she even was a part of my brother’s wedding! In addition to German, I love to travel, to read (especially Harry Potter), to hang out with dogs, and to go to cafes.

At university, I studied International Relations and German, and I spent a semester abroad in the tiny town of Marburg, Germany. I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in May 2016. After college, I worked as an English Teaching Assistant in Mainz, Germany for a year. I loved working there. It was a great opportunity to meet and work alongside Germans, talk about American culture, politics, and life, and learn from students and co-workers about their culture and life in Europe. Therefore, I am so happy to be here in Vienna, working and living in Austria. I am excited to explore more of the country, learn more “Austrian” German, and meet people along the way. I look forward to meeting more of the students and the teachers here!"

All of the best

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