HLMW9 is the winner of the 2014 Gender Award of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce

 The Vienna Chamber of Commerce organized for the 4th time a Gender Award for Viennese occupational schools. The HLMW9 took part in the competition through the class 2 HMB with their project „Male-Female? Female-Male?” trying to break through the  stereotypical gender roles, gender specific conventions and  stereotypical role expectations.

The 2HMB fashion class has been a COOL-class from the beginning (-> Cooperative open learning). So it was obvious, that the students occupied themselves with Diversity and Gender. At first they designed a collection and afterwards in the workshop, with the help of the third add-on- class  of fashion – often with difficult handwork – a collection which is neither male nor female.

The dresses hide the gender. In addition a male and a female student act in a short movie – again breaking through the stereotypical gender role. The making of the movie was supported by students from the Graphical School (HTL Leyserstraße 6).

The presentation at the Gender Award on March 18th, 2014 was very successful. The jury members were very impressed by the performance and presentation. The performance was a fashion show of their self- designed collection and the short movie. The class received the Gender Award for best Performance. The show was also met with a claim at its second presentation on the 8th of April 2014 at the WUK.

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