Project –Language Trip Ireland 3HIA    teachers: Mag. Sonja Stindl and Mag. Lukas Obereder

Ireland here we come! As the Austrians say, ‘the one who travels tells a lot of stories‘ and indeed we can really tell a great number of interesting stories. Soon after having arrived at Dublin Airport we got to know the best bus-driver of Ireland Mr. Brian King who without any doubt deserved his last name. Whatever we wanted to know, he knew the answer: All us are now experts in Irish history and you can ask us everthing about Oliver Cromwell, the Irish famine, the coffin ships, Bloody Monday, Irish folk music and much more.

On our way to Galway, a picturesque town on the west coast we first stopped at the remains of Ireland’s oldest monastery Clonmacnoise. After having spent one night at the youth-hostel, the following morning we were on our way to the impressive Aran Islands. Against all odds  the sun was shining and we could enjoy the ferry trip , which took us from Rossaveal to Inis Mor. Taking advantage of the great weather we rented bikes and explored the beautiful island with its great wild-life and outstanding landscape. Although we wanted to stay longer, we had to leave Galway the next morning as the king of all bus-drivers was eager to show us some more sights of Ireland, including a Celtic grave stone, the overwhelming Cliffs of Moher and finally a guided tour through Bunratty Castle.

Exhausted we arrived in Dublin, where our host-families were already waiting for us and the ‘tough‘ part of our school-trip started – namely attending the Dublin School of English, where we were taught by a native speaker. But, of course, besides school each afternoon was very busy, getting a guided walking tour through historical Dublin, taking a boat trip on the Liffey, visiting the Wax Museum and taking part in an Irish Dance Party.

Well and after spending 7 exciting days in Ireland, it was time to go back to Vienna and up to today all of us still have a lot of great memories. Surely , it won’t be our last time and we plan to get back to see more of this lovely island.

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