Lecture ‘Mahlzeit – the story of men and meat‘


In cooperation with the environmental organization GLOBAL 2000 a lecture entitled

‘Mahlzeit – the story of men and meat’ was given on Tuesday, 17 Oct. 2017. All students of the Expositur as well as other classes attended this event in the Exner-Saal.

The main idea of this lecture was to make the audience realize how the total population of the western world is influenced by consuming meat excessively. Meanwhile 80% of the global area of arable land are necessary to produce animal feed for ranching. This development has far-reaching consequences for the population in poorer countries and, for example, is also responsible for the floods of refugees.

A short film on this topic raised the awareness and gave some additional input. At the end of the lecture particularly the students of the Expositur participated lively in a discussion, made some valuable contribution, and gave some food for thought.

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