In September 2017 a new subject was introduced in the fourth forms of our fashion department: Unternehmensmanagement / Business Management. Instruction comprises two lessons a week, one being taught in German by a Business studies teacher and one by an English teacher.

The aim of this course is that students learn to apply the skills which have been acquired in clusters such as “Product development” and “Business studies” in a task-oriented context and to develop a fashion-related business project. The main focus of the English lessons is to make sure that students acquire the specialized vocabulary and language competence they need to succeed in business life.

The topics cover several of the basic areas which students deal with in their business studies classes, e.g.

  • Oral and written business communication
  • Company structures
  • Types of business ownership
  • Management styles and skills
  • Starting a business: business plan, marketing, product development, buying and selling…
  • Fair trade, business ethics and cross-cultural awareness

The various learning styles (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, analytic etc.) are catered for and the activities range from everyday business communication, through key business functions like presenting and negotiating, to topics such as buying and selling, which allow for discussion as well as practical language acquisition. An equally important aim is to encourage teamwork and a solution-oriented approach.                                                                       (Lore Aigner)

As the students did a four-week internship last summer, one of the first tasks was to write a formal report about their work placement. In the following you can read some excerpts:


 As the curriculum of every vocational college requires an internship, I decided to work with the company ‘Mimosa’ last July. I was able to get to know many different areas of the one-woman company located in Pressbaum in Lower Austria.

Working hours:

F.P., who was my superior, set up a 38-hour weekly schedule starting on the 3rd of July. Every Monday and Wednesday I worked from 9 am to 6 pm with a one-hour lunch break. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I started at 8 am and stayed until 2 pm.  Fridays happened to be quite exhausting, as I worked from 8 am to 12 am and again from 2 pm to 8 pm. Saturday was my day off.


Most of the time I sewed children’s wear…I also did a lot of other tasks such as grading patterns, cutting fabrics and serving customers…”                                         (Isolde Berger, 4HMB)


“…We redecorated and cleaned the shop window twice and rearranged the leather belts on the shelf. In the final week I was sked to model for their Facebook posts that advertised their colourful belts.”                                                                                           (Viola Hahn, 4HMB)


“I learned how to sit correctly when sewing by hand, how to sew on buttons really well and how to cover them with fabrics. I also learned how to sew men’s wear…The internship was very helpful for making decisions about my future career.”                                     (Jennifer Petersen, 4HMB)

“I did not acquire any specific skills except the Adobe programs, but I figured out that setting up my own company might work in future”                                       (Constanze Glaser, 4HMB)

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