London Calling

London - Big Ben

The highlights of our week in Canterbury were the visit of Dover Castle, where we had a guided tour of the wartime tunnels and the underground hospital, Canterbury Cathedral and, undoubtedly, staying with an English family for the first time and getting to know the English way of life.

The morning lessons with our native speakers Lucy and Sam were very interesting and motivating and even though we only stayed for a week, our English improved a lot.

Time passed very quickly and on Saturday we had to leave Canterbury and our hostfamilies to go to London, something we all had been looking forward to for months. In the two days we spent there we saw all the sights, we were scared to death in London Dungeon, marvelled at the wax figures in Madame Tussauds and - last but not least - we went shopping! London is a real shopping paradise with all its markets, boutiques and of course the big shops in Oxford Street.

All in all it was a perfect trip with our class and I am sure we will go back to England again soon!

The pictures will give you an impression of how marvelous our stay was.

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