Mr Thriller In The House

On 22nd March 2017 the famous Austrian thriller author Andreas Gruber came to visit us at school.

He has already fascinated us with his book “Todesfrist”, which we read in our German lessons. In his childhood he had the wish to become an author for the first time, but he was not successful immediately. He was turned down by various publishing companies in the past and has only reached his break-through after years of intensive training.

Andreas Gruber told us how he got his ideas and how the writing process worked. After that he gave us a taste of his book “Todesmärchen” being part of his “Death-Trilogy”. His books have already been translated into some languages, for example Korean and Japanese. Two of this translated books he gifted to two of the 1AMA students. He answered many questions of his interested audience and finally signed the students’ books.

We are very grateful that the financial support of the HLMW9 parents’ association and Kulturkontakt has made this event possible. We are excited to work with Mr. Gruber again at a creative writing workshop next school year.

Written by 1AMA


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