Our language trip to Brighton

On Sunday the 30th of September our class left Vienna to spend a week in Brighton & Hove with both our English teachers Ms Ötting and Ms Stumpf. Of course everyone was more than excited about England, some even had never been before which made it a lot more exciting! When we arrived we were greeted by a friendly teacher from the organization who brought us straight to the language school. After meeting the school principal we went home to meet our host families.

We went to school from 9 am to 12:50 am which went by pretty fast because we had a lot of fun playing interactive games and learning about topics that interested us. Our afternoons were always packed with new things to see and learn about. We made trips to famous sights like the Seven Sisters, the Beaton Mill in Rottingdean and of course a day trip to London! Although we had a lot of fun on our interesting excursions we were able to spend a lot time exploring Brighton itself on our own. Brighton pier, the lanes and the vintage second hand shops were all amazing. There was something for everyone to enjoy.

On our first Day in school we introduced ourselves and talked about hobbies, pets and family. Later on when school finished we had an orientation tour through Brighton and the guide took us to all the interesting places and shops in Brighton. After the guide showed us all great places in Town we had free time. Some went shopping, had lunch and a few just went home to their host families.

On the next day of our England trip we went to the Seven Sisters, it was really beautiful, especially the landscape and that we saw a lot of sheep. It was an enjoyable day and the beach there was really nice too, so we took a lot of pictures.

 On Thursday we talked about morality and different moral dilemmas at school. In the afternoon we had a trip planned to the Beaton Mill in Rottingdean, a small romantic village near Brighton. It was very interesting there, we visited Kipling’s Garden too, where we were impressed by the beautiful flowers.

On the last Day in school we did a survey and had to go on the street and ask people what their opinion was on the topics we discussed the day before. Afterwards we had free time again, most just went to the Pier or shopping.

Saturday was for sure the Day everybody was exited the most, the Day trip to London. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t the best but we still managed to visit a lot famous sights for example Buckingham Palace, the Nelson Column with the lion statues at Trafalgar Square or the Tower Bridge. We also went on a Thames cruise where we saw the London Eye, the Globe and plenty more. After that we had time for some shopping and some strolling through London. Everyone arrived home more than exhausted. We all had a lot of fun on our trip to England and hope to visit it soon again!

Jade Procter and Anastasija Stanojevic 3HMB

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