Our Malta Experience

A couple of weeks ago we, the 2 FMA, went to Malta for a week. We were really looking forward to our trip!

As you may know Malta is an historical island nation and we had the chance to visit a lot of interesting places, for example Marsaxlokk, a fishing village where we were taken to on Sunday. This romantic village is Malta´s largest fishing village, famous for its fish market. After that we took a boat ride through the Blue Grotto, a cave system with beautiful clear water.

Valletta, Malta´s capital and a world heritage site, is also a living experience of architecture. It´s one of Malta´s main tourist attractions and now the seat of the Maltese government. And also to be mentioned: European Cultural Capital of 2018!

We also visited the ancient capital Mdina and Rabat, a village that neighbours Mdina. These villages are admired for their rich history. They are filled with old buildings that have been well maintained throughout the ages. We also got to see some of the filming locations of Game of Thrones.

Furthermore we went to the Dingly Cliffs. They stage the highest point of the Maltese Island. The view was breath-taking.

But there were not just visits, we also had English lessons, each morning from 9am to 1.30 pm. Our teacher was Mandy, she was really cool and talked about serious topics. I enjoyed it.

I loved Malta, it was a nice trip with my class. I want to go there again!

Taneyal, Viola and Teresa (2 FMA)

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