Our trip to Germany

On the 8th of March 2018 we travelled to Berlin by plane. We spent three days in the capital city of Germany with our German teacher Prof. Landsteiner and Prof. Wozelka. There we visited some of the greatest sights Berlin has to offer, as well as the annual International Tourism Fair ITB. We had the chance to see 10,000 exhibitors from 200 countries and more than 160,000 people attended the fair.

Another thing we visited was the „Jüdisches Museum“ where we learned more about the Jewish people in Germany and their story. The design of the museum was unique and like nothing we have seen before.

Apart from that we visited the „Pergamonmusem“, the „KDW“ which stands for „Kaufhaus des Westens“, the „Reichstagskuppel“ and we had a bus tour through Berlin, that lasted three hours.

Since Munich is more like Vienna, the majority liked it better than Berlin. Also because it was cleaner than Berlin. We travelled to Munich by train, stayed there five days and left on the 15th of March. In those five days we visited many museums and had more time to explore the city because we spent more time there.

Our program was full of different things and in the end everyone had something that they liked. Whether it was a museum, the Allianz Arena or the five star hotel „Bayerischer Hof“ we were able to see many aspects of the culture and tourism. On Friday we travelled back to Vienna by bus and all in all, we had a lot of fun and it was an experience we will never forget.

Nikolina Sičaja 2HKB

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