Playing with Lego at the KHM

Some time ago we, the students of 1HKA, participated in a workshop entitled HearMe. It took place at the Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna (Kunsthistorisches Museum/KHM), and the idea of it was to promote team building and communication skills.

Our trip to the KHM began with us sitting around a giant table with loads of Lego on top of it. First we were told to create characters out of the Lego bricks and give them a personality and powers. The lady who conducted the workshop then took us downstairs and showed us paintings and we were supposed to interpret them.

One painting depicted a small group of people celebrating something and suitors who were serving their god Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. We were allowed to use our mobile phones and we answered questions on the website of the KHM. Then we went back to our Lego bricks and built our interpretations of the paintings we then had to present in front of them.

We also did a competition – it was about building the highest tower. You can see the winners below.

Interpreting art with the help of Lego was a funny experience we all enjoyed.

Joshua Barker, Marvin Haas and Zoe Ulrich, 1HKA

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