Social Project

Social Project

What does a social project on refugees and homeless people need the most? Communication and material support. The students of classes 2 FKA and 3 HIB, encouraged by Mag.a Seifried and Mag. Landsteiner, took up both challenges.

At the beginning of the project both classes visited the “Integrationshaus“, an advice centre for asylum seekers and refugees. There they learned key facts about the Geneva Refugee Convention  and took part in a workshop with a group of young refugees, trying to find common ground.

One month later the refugee group came to visit our school, where they cooked a three-course menu together with the students of 3HIB. After the meal they went on a guided tour around the school-building.

The cooperation with “Canisibus“, a mobile outreach to the homeless, feeding soup on the streets, started with a presentation by manageress Mag.a Meznaric. 8 students of 3 HIB and 2 students of 2 FKA then sacrificed some of their free time and offered help in making soup and feeding needy homeless with the mobile soup kitchen of “Canisibus“.

Simultaneously a fund-raiser with the remarkable result of € 530 was held at our school. The money was donated to the two organizations. A million thanks to all donors.

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