Students of 3AEH watching animals scientifically

At the beginning of October 2016 we, the students of 3AEH, attended together with our Biology and Ecology teacher, Ms Neuhofer, an ethological seminar at the Vienna zoo in Schönbrunn.

Ethology, i.e. behavioural research, deals with the behaviour of animals. The zoologist Dr Heiderer explained to us how scientific behavioural research is done. As watching the animals is crucial, we were asked to watch an elephant baby and a bull as well as a male and female Orang-Utan, and while doing so, to take notes of their activities. So, we watched closely whether the animals slept or were awake, whether they moved, ate, interacted etc. Afterwards we compared the results of our observation: both elephants had been eating whereas the apes had been sleeping.

On the whole this ethological seminar gave us an interesting insight into the exploration of animals and their behaviour.

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