Studying in the UK

Experiences of a former HLMW9 student

My name is Daniel Ludwig and I graduated from HLMW9 in summer 2015. After a gap year, I started a degree in Business Management and International Relations at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. 

It was hard at first, having to cope with language difficulties, a different university system and exhausting flatmates at student halls. However, I am proud to say I have come a long way since. 

Today I am living in a lovely house with 2 Finns and a German, I have passed 11 out of 12 exams straight away and I represent Scotland in the Lacrosse Student Nationalsquad.

I am available to consult and support every HLMW9 student who is interested in studying anywhere in the UK. You can get in contact with me through Prof. Oetting anytime.

England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

  • In Scotland EU students do not have to pay any fees
  • In other parts of the UK: tuition fees of £9,250
  • Student loans available
  • More competition, especially in England
  • Quality education, top ranked in Europe and worldwidePros 


  • Fluent in English after a short period of time
  • Internationally recognised degree
  • Minimum duration of study
  • High class facilities
  • Network of international connections
  • Family-like environment at British UnisCons 


  • Homesick
  • Language difficulties
  • Financial burden
  • Tight academic calendar
  • High standards
  • Weather 

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