The Expositur visited the ‚Haus der Gehörlosen‘

On December 22nd 2016 all classes of the Expositur of HLMW9 went to see the ‘Haus der Gehörlosen’ which houses five institutions: the ‘Österreichische Gehörlosenbund’, ‘ÖGS.Barrierefrei’, the TV programme ‘Gebä’, the ‘Relayservice’ and finally the department of ‘Gebärdensache’. First Ms Fenkart, who is also a member of the board, explained to us the ‘Österreichische Gehörlosenbund’ (ÖGLB). In its archive we had a look at the editions of the years 1947-2016 of ‘Österreichische Gehörlosenzeitung’.

Then we went to see the studio where Ms Rotter-Sramenko, who is the anchor woman, and the cameraman Mr le Rose talked about their work. Our tour continued on the ground floor with a room for events and the third floor with seminar rooms, all of which have been recently renovated.

On the third floor we were also shown the room of the ‘Relay Service’. This telephone service, which is provided from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m., enables deaf people to make phone calls either via video or personally, with the help of an interpreter.

We all enjoyed this very interesting morning.

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