The Malta Experience

Usually Malta is connected with sunshine and beautiful weather but this time it was different. So we took advantage of the rainy days by concentrating on our projects, which we had already started back in Vienna. The titles, just to name a few were : Malta’s typical cuisine, Traditions and heritage, Colonisation etc etc Our English teacher Mrs.Stindl together with our local English teachers provided us with the necessary language know how and the excursions  to Valetta, Mdina helped us to get a real insight into Malta.

We were also very lucky as we had an extremely charismatic Maltese guide, who not only told us great stories about her island but also made us laugh and generally did a very good job. We were really impressed by her historical knowledge and wished we could once speak as many languages as she did. The cities we visited together that fascinated us most were certainly Mdina – the ancient former capitol of Malta as well as Valetta with its magnificent fortesses.

In regard to our project the result was very impressing and on the last day of our school trip we presented our topics in class besides introducing our creative Malta posters. To put it in a nut shell – although we didn’t get a sun burn, we shared great experiences and came home a lot wiser and even more interested in foreign cultures. He that travels far knows much
Travel broadens the mind, and raises the spirits

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