Visit to Prague

An einem wunderschönen Sonntagnachmittag fuhr das Projektteam der 4HKA (Ana Novakovic, Valentina Grubesic und Yvonne Hofmann) mit einer 30 köpfigen Reisegruppe der 1AMA in die Kulturhauptstadt Prag. Uns begleiteten Herr Professor Feldhofer und Frau Professor Greinmann.

On March 2, 2014 a 4 HKA project team of four students took the students of 1 AMA, accompanied by teachers Ms. Greinmann and Mr.Feldhofer, on a trip to Prague. The three project team members Ana Novakovic, Valentina Grubesic and Yvonne Hofmann had planned and organized the 5-day-stay, focussing on a cultural program and fashion hightlights. One of them was the travel group’s visit to the largest costume stock in Europe and to an exhibition of fashion creations by famous designer Blanka Mantragi. Apart from that the students of 1 AMA took the opportunity to visit the various attractions of Golden Prague such as the Hradschin or the Charles Bridge.

The reason why the Czech capital is so rich in cultural heritage and has often been chosen as a location for Hollywood films lies in  the fact that Prague had never been attacked by air raids in WW II.

On the very last day we had a farewell meeting at a local tavern where we got together and talked about our impressions.

To put it in a nutshell, our educational visit to the Golden City was a success in every sense of the word.



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