What a Library!

On the 26th November 2016 the fashion school class 1FMA travelled into the 17th century together with their teachers Ms Stumpf and Ms Dallinger. What they found out there, was fascinating for both students and teachers.

In the famous Augustinian Library, part of the Austrian National Library, the class had the honour to be guided by Mr Philipp. He informed us about the fact that all the books had originally been owned by Prince Eugen. After the purchase of Prince Eugen’s books by the Emperor Charles VI the Augustinian Library was built for all citizens right from the beginning. On one side the public entrance can be found, on the other side you find the former entrance for all noblemen and noblewomen. Additionally, the library was divided into two halves, one representing war and the other one representing peace. Both halves were decorated with impressive ceiling frescoes.

There are 200.000 books in the Augustinian Library at the moment in all European languages and also in languages like Chinese dealing with various topics. All in all the Austrian National Library holds 600.000 important books.

We recommend a visit of the Augustinian Library to everyone. We are planning our return next semester, but then visit the modern part of the Austrian National Library together with our guide Mr Philipp.

Written by the students of 1FMA

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