York – the frozen beauty, language and culture trip 26th Febr. – 5th March

On February 26th the 3HMB and 3HKB together with their teachers Mrs.Stindl, Mrs. Sanna,Mrs.Weber and Mrs.Dopplinger started their adventurous trip to York, located in the North of England. Never before have we selected this destination and we were all very excited. After having landed in Manchester we took the bus to Leeds, where we spent 1 hour in the Royal Armouries Museum, where 3000 years of weapons, armours and historical costumes are documented. Besides weh ad some free time, walking through the center of Leeds before continuing our bus-ride to York. There we were picked up by our host families and fell asleep after an exhausting day „on the road“.

Tuesday after our first day in school, we had a guided walk in York and visited the Castle Museum. York, which already has played an important role during the Roman Period ( they called it Eboracum,which means „place of the yews“), had to go through different foreign invasions such as the Anglosaxon ,Viking or Norman ones. Because of its perfect location on the river Ouse and close to the mouth of the river Foss, it offered great economic possibilities besides being the intersection of the  North- South landroute through England.

Unfortunately while walking through the famous Shambles, a narrow alley leading to the York Minster( which inspired Joane Rowling, the author of Harry Potter) the weather turned really nasty and we experienced a snow-storm even locals were surprised about. Nevertheless our group bravely battled through, being rewarded by an impressing guided tour through the gigantic Gothic cathedral.

Although the snowfall got worse and worse, we didn’t want to miss the Ghost Walk in the evening, where a scary looking actor, all dressed in black, frightened us with horror stories. The pictures attached prove the spooky atmosphere.

During the night the sudden onset of winter made it difficult for us to get to school on time, as the whole traffic collapsed and the buses didn’t work. Tough Austrians as we are we didn’t give up and some of us even walked quite a distance. Our next touristic high-lights were then the Railroad Museum, where we were introduced to George Hudson, York’s railway king who inniated the first train direct from York to London in 1840. Due to him, entrepreneurs were given access to new markets and York’s railway king who inniated the first train direct from York to London in 1840. Due to him, entrepreneurs were given access to new markets and York began to blossom. After visiting so many sights we enjoyed a funny evening, singing Karaoke, dancing and just sharing our adventures.

On Friday after school the York Dungeons were waiting for us and some of the girls of the 3HMB really went through a hard time, especially when we were caught in a kind of mirrored maze and didn’t know how to get out. Saturday started out a little bit sad, as our full day excursion to North Yorkshire Moors, Whitby and Scarborough had tob e cancelled as it was too dangerous for the bus to drive on the icy roads. But again we didn‘ t give up and looked for an indoor activity to spend the day. So we decided on bowling and going to the movies instead, which was also a typical British weekend activity.

Sunday was our last day before departing to Vienna and we split up in two groups – the one staying in York, visiting the Viking Museum and taking a boat ride while listening to the captain’s explainations regarding the history of the river Ouse. Group number 2 took the train to Manchester, seeing the impressing Manchester Town Hall and walking through a masterpiece of Victorian Gothic architecture ‘ The John Rylands Library‘, giving an insight into the fascinating world of books.

Of course, especially the Harry Potter fans among us just loved it! Another highlight was the Museum of Science and History, reflecting the beginning oft he Industrial Revolution, which started in Manchester. Last but not least Manchester United fans also got their share on enjoyment, getting a look behind the scenes oft he worl’s most iconic stadium Old Trafford.

To put it in a nutshell, withstanding the cold,snow, ice and wind we definitely made the best of our stay and certainly can claim to have seen and experienced as much as possible. Besides it made us stronger as a classJ



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