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3HKB’s (honest) guide to a great time in Dublin

This May it was finally time for 3HKB – accompanied by their teachers Ms. Sanna and Ms. Illmeyer – to spend one week sightseeing, exploring and learning all about the Irish way of life.

Is it possible for non-native speakers to understand the Irish accent? Do they really only eat fast food? And, what is it like to stay at a host family for one week? Find out (more) by reading 3HKB’s honest guide to a great time in Dublin!

  • Malahide castle: You should definitely visit Malahide castle when in Dublin because it is a very beautiful and impressive building with lots of history. The castle gardens lend themselves to a little walk afterwards.

  • Pub sing-along: It’s a great idea to join a pub sing-along secession where you will be having a fun time singing for sure. Well-known songs include: The Wild Rover, Molly Mallone, etc.

  • Cliffs of Moher: The cliffs were unique, incredible and nicer than on the photos. It was cool to have such a nice view on the sea and Ireland’s coast. However, before visiting the cliffs of Moher from Dublin, be ready for a 4 hour drive by bus to the cliffs and back. The gas station luckily have a big selection of refreshments.

  • Kilmainham Gaol: You should certainly visit the Kilmainham Gaol. The jail was beautifully designed and carries a lot of interesting history within itself. We would recommend you to book a tour, so that you have the opportunity to get to know everything there is to know about the jail and its former prisoners.

  • The Spire: One of the first activities you should not miss is visiting the Spire. Dubliners are very proud of this huge unnecessary monument… not! It’s just a really big needle in the middle of a crowded place. Although it’s not pretty at all, it has been a great meeting point for us.

  • Fast food culture: Bunsen Burger is the best and juiciest burger some of us have ever eaten. It is also cheap and delicious, so check it out when in Dublin!

  • Public transport: When using the public transport in Ireland, we recommend the double decker busses and the Dart rail. The leap card is a convenient option for payment and easy transfers between different modes of transport.

  • Molly Malone: Legend has it that Molly Malone was a girl of the night and selling fish by day. She is an Irish legend and there is even a song about her. Many people take photos with her statue in the city center.

  • Typical dishes: We won’t lie: the food there isn’t so fresh, green and healthy as in Vienna. Typical dishes include fish and chips, Irish stew and coddle which consists of potatoes and pork sausage. Nevertheless, you should give it a try!

  • Learning English with host families: Most Irish people speak with an accent which makes it harder to understand them than other English native speakers. Therefore, staying with a host family will help you improve your skills even more. This way, you can learn and experience the Irish culture at the same time.


The trip to Ireland was so cool. It was interesting to get to know Irish people and culture.


I really enjoyed the trip to Dublin, we saw a lot of interesting sights and had a lot of fun.


We’re definitely going to Dublin in 2024. Then we’ll visit all the pubs J.

Anni & Pauline

Text: Claudia Illmeyer

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